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What can we do to make a difference for ourselves and our planet to help us live healthier, longer lives?

  • Reuse Glass Containers for left overs at home and when you dine out at a restaurant! This will also reduce your exposure to “forever chemicals” as many take home boxes contain these chemicals to waterproof.
  • Say “No” to paper or plastic BAGS. Make it a habit to bring bags with you or carry out your single item unbagged.
  • Are you able to separate your garbage? Compostable? Non-Compostable and recycles. This is a hard one…but bringing awareness and changing your habits slowly will make a difference in how our waste is handled.
  • Researching products, you purchase to determine if the company is making sustainable choices. If we demand more sustainable practices by choosing companies who practice sustainability more companies will follow!
  • Choose FASHION SENSE and help reduce textile waste and stop “Fast Fashion”; Shop at clothing consignment shops, Purchase well-made clothes to last for years, Rent your clothing from online companies.
  • Begin by removing from your cabinet or closet items containing “forever chemicals.”
  • Switch out products you purchase with bamboo products. Bamboo is a very fast growing, renewable and easy-to-grow resource. It is an extremely versatile material with countless uses including construction, clothes, food and fuel.
  • Plant Native Gardens to bring our climate back in line with where nature started. It doesn’t matter how big or small your native garden is…any size makes a difference for where you live and breathe.